The Civil Engineers' Club
Institution of Civil Engineers

Club history

The Club was started in 1979 and the list of former Chairs is given below:

2021 to date Professor David Balmforth

2018-2021: Professor Tim Broyd

2015-2018: Jean Venables

2012-2015: Peter Hansford

2009-2012: Mike Cottell

2006-2009: Doug Oakervee

2003-2006: Colin Clinton

2000-2003: John Bircumshaw

1997-2000: Peter Guthrie

1995-1997: Gordon Millington

1993-1995: David Green

1991-1993: Stuart Mustow

1989-1990: Robin Wilson

1987-1988: Bill Francis

1985-1986: Gwilym Roberts

1983-1984: John Derrington

1981-1982: John Bartlett

1979-1981: Urquhart Broadbent

Various Newsletters have been published over the years. Please see below those for which we have digital copies.