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The objectives of the Club are:-

To be “at the heart of society, delivering sustainable development through knowledge, skills and professional expertise” by

  1. Enhancing the image of the Civil Engineer through the organization of major events
  2. Promoting social and sporting activities amongst Civil Engineers and their families
  3. Giving members of the Institution the opportunity for maintaining friendships established during their professional life.
The Civil Engineers’ Club was founded in 1979 by the Institution of Civil Engineers.

The aim of the Civil Engineers’ Club is to promote social and sporting activities amongst Civil Engineers and their families, whether working or retired, and to provide an opportunity to meet other Civil Engineers outside their working environment.

The Club is run by a committee made up of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and elected members, generally representing the various Club activities. They are elected annually at the Club’s annual general meeting, which is usually held in April.

Current programme
This is shown on our website at:

For further details please contact the Secretary Peter Richardson email [email protected]

The Flyer publicises the programme. It is produced at the beginning of each year and circulated to all members. The current Flyer is at:


Club Members receive a quarterly email with updates of current Club events on the programme.

2020 Annual General Meeting followed by presentation from Philip Langley

Due to the Coronavirus epidemic our AGM this year has been postponed from 28 April to an online meeting on 28 October, starting at 6.00pm. All are welcome. To find out more and/or if you wish to view the event then you need to register in advance at:

Following that at 6.45pm there will be an online presentation from Phil Langley. He leads the Creative Technologies Team at Bryden Wood, which brings together different strands of BIM, computational design and digital technology. His focus is ‘Algorithmic Design Automation’ – making the design process not just faster, but smarter. This promises to be a most interesting talk. All are welcome. To find out more and/or if you wish to view the event then you need to register in advance at:

File copies of the Agenda, Minutes of the 2019 AGM and the annual Accounts may be downloaded from the links below:

CEC AGM Agenda 2020


CEC Accounts December 2019

When the ICE webpage link is available for the AGM it will be added.

Last year’s AGM was held at One Great George Street on Tuesday 9 April 2019.  Our Chair, Professor Tim Broyd was in charge of proceedings.

The AGM was followed by two presentations about various aspects of Cycling. Kate Cairns of Cairns Consultancy and Michael Melnyczuk of SUSTRANS Brittany Harris were the speakers.

These presentations were designed to encourage us all to get on our bikes to live healthier lives.

Club activities
The Club runs various events through a number of sections. These cover Contract Bridge, Golf, Northern Ireland, Painting, Sailing, Singing, Visits and Walking. Each section has a Section Leader and its own web page on this website.

The Club works closely with the ICE’s Regions, especially for national ICE events such as the Thomas Telford Golf Tournament. If there are a sufficient number of members in any particular area they can form a unit or branch with their own budget for promotion and administration costs, funded directly by the Club.

As a service to Members, we have a webpage entitled “Register” where you can find the names of all ICE members who have died since July 2017. You will not find this information reported anywhere else.

Who can join?
Any member of the ICE and its staff, along with their spouses and children, can join and take part in any of the Club’s activities. The Club also welcomes former ICE Members and others who have professional connections with Civil Engineering. Former ICE Members can now be admitted to membership free of charge. Please contact Peter Richardson if you wish to join.

How much does it cost?
Membership is on a family basis and costs £10.00 per year – Student members are given free membership. The annual subscription is payable on 1st January each year and may be paid by ICE members with their main subscription. As outlined above, Club members also receive a Flyer outlining the coming year’s programme and regular emails from Section Leaders and the Secretary containing news of the latest events.

How do I join?

Join online in the MyICE section of the ICE website at

or contact
Subscriptions Department
One Great George Street

Tel: 020 7665 2227  or email [email protected]

For further information please contact Peter Richardson:
email [email protected]


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